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He’s an established DJ now, yes, but a little over a decade ago when Satheerth Kunneth entered a War of the DJs competition, he didn’t quite finish at the top. In fact, he was the first to be eliminated. “The guy who won was my friend and no, he didn’t become a DJ,” laughs Satheerth, better known as DJ Shadow Dubai now. Why this mysterious name? “The trend was to have a funky name. Most DJs have a nickname. Someone suggested Shadow, I liked it and used it. But there is another DJ Shadow based in the US, so I became DJ Shadow Dubai, ”he smiles.

Born and based in Dubai, Shadow started DJing at the age of 17 and in school. The reason he gives is not the usual ‘I always wanted to do this’, instead he says,’ It was because of all the attention from the girls, the fame and the crazy lifestyle that accompanied it. But he’s always loved music, and five years ago the music maker got serious about it. He performed at his school and got his first break at age 21 at a Dubai club called Kandy Club, where he performed alongside popular international DJs. In his ninth year now, Shadow enjoys his job and the challenges that come with it.

“Unless you are passionate about DJing, it will be difficult. We travel to various destinations and play. Sometimes back to back and there is the risk that it becomes monotonous unless you are motivated by passion, ”he says.

Shadow plays Bollywood, a genre that has progressed over the years and is popular everywhere. Once, while playing in Saint Martin in the Caribbean, he didn’t really expect the crowd to know any Hindi songs, but was taken by surprise when they danced and sang, asking for the latest numbers. . “Lately people like to mix and match sounds. Each city has different tastes. Delhi loves their Bollywood music with Punjabi, Chennai and Mumbai rhythms on the other hand like EDM mixed with Bollywood ”, he explains and adds:“ Today, DJs cannot decide sooner to play a fixed ensemble. of pieces. They must go to the scene and assess the atmosphere.

The 30-year-old also makes numerous official remixes and has worked with Jay Sean, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jazzy B, Rishi Rich, Stereo Nation and remixed songs such as “Tum Hi Ho” and “Sunn Raha Hai” from Aashiqui 2 and the Ek Villain to crush. “Then I prepare my own album by the end of September. There will be songs and that’s all I can divulge for now, ”he adds as he prepares for a night out at Pasha at The Park. As a DJ you can’t please everyone, but he tries to do it, he says. If anyone isn’t happy with Shadow’s music, they make a point of getting their feedback, and maybe that’s why their Facebook and Youtube pages have a mix of bouquets and brickbats.

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