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Sweetarts launches online music mixer with candy-inspired sounds

Dive brief:

  • Ferrera’s candy brand Sweetarts is launching an online music mixer that allows fans to create their own beats, culminating in a competition where singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera will select the best track, according to a press release.
  • Sweetbeats offers a variety of pre-programmed sounds – such as vintage, vibey, sweet, and moody – inspired by the diverse properties of the Sweetart candy portfolio. The competition will distill the pool of entrants up to 20 finalists, who will be chosen by fans online. Aguilera will then select the winner from that group in August and host an one-on-one mentoring session at a professional studio, where she will help turn the winning beat into a finished track.
  • By emphasizing open-minded values ​​through music, the candy brand hopes to appeal to the sensibilities of young consumers.

Dive overview:

With its latest campaign, Sweetarts uses online music production technology to create an interactive digital experience for consumers. Beat-making is a popular activity for music fans, and with an abundance of online platforms doing more accessible production technology, the hobby presents an attractive opportunity for marketers. The candy-themed mixer includes record sliders and a music visualizer to emulate the actual process of music production.

Generating Interest in Sweetbeats is a competition in which the winner will receive one-on-one advice from Aguilera and a studio session to complete their track. The 19 finalists will receive a summer supply of Sweetarts. Songs created online have the potential to go viral, as shown by music-sharing platforms like SoundCloud. By giving the winning beat a professional twist, Sweetarts could try to promote the song for mass appeal while embracing user-generated content.

Sweetarts’ underlying music campaign is an effort to appeal to Gen Z with a focus on the values ​​the cohort cares about. Inclusiveness, individuality and creativity are some of those open-minded values ​​and qualities that Sweetarts tries to channel through their beat mixer by delivering sounds such as vintage, vibey, mellow and moody. .

“Sweetarts is a brand that embraces unique combinations and duality – our candies are long and short, sweet and chewy and sweet and tangy,” said Jenny Brownson, Brand Manager of Sweetarts, in the press release. “And with Sweetbeats, we leave [fans] create a multidimensional sound of their own. “

In 2019, Sweetarts launched its “Be Both” campaign which also channeled the inclusive values ​​of Generation Z. The effort focused on attitudes towards the complexities of identity, which have become a social issue that young consumers expect to be reflected by their favorite brands. For a confectionery, attracting these young generations is important to build lasting loyalty.

The use of a branded microsite that requires entrants to register through Facebook, Google, or email in order to save their beats and vote for the contest is also notable about the mixer. This approach allows Sweetarts to collect first party data directly from consumers, which could then be used to create targeted marketing efforts.

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