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Snoop Dogg Reaches Death Row Music Record Catalog Deal

Snoop Dogg (Photo: agwilson/

BILLBOARD reports that rapper SNOOP DOGG has reached a deal to acquire DEATH ROW RECORD’s catalog of recordings. The move completes his takeover of his former label, allowing the rapper to generate licensing opportunities for merchandising and other lucrative ventures surrounding the imprint name.

The deal gives SNOOP DOGG ownership of his 1993 DOGGYSTYLE and 1996 THA DOGGFATHER albums, as well as a few movie soundtracks, a few compilation albums, and a few albums from artists like LADY OF RAGE, DAZ DILLINGER and KURUPT.

Few details of the deal have been released, but BLACKENTERPRISE.COM reports albums by TUPAC SHAKUR and DR. DREs are not included in the recent purchase of the DEATH ROW label by SNOOP DOGG. SHAKUR’s albums ALL EYEZ ON ME and THE DON KILLUMINATI: THE 7 DAY THEORY have been “off the label” since last month. Also, THE CHRONIC by DR. DRE is not included but should be back on the label next year. Apparently, negotiations are already underway.

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