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Session Control launches exclusive app to book music recording studios

A professional recording studio is imperative for the recording environment to enhance the music produced. Sounds need a great platform to be acoustically processed and soundproofed in a way that helps musicians dramatically reduce sound fluctuations.

Session Control recently launched an app where musicians can book recording music studios easily and in less time. This is a black-owned tech startup where artist and studio can connect without any hassle!

Session Control is a platform available anytime, anywhere. So, for example, if a music artist is looking for recording studios while on a trip, the session controls get the job done in no time.

Approximately 40,000 musical artists have been employed since 2002, and that number has increased 510% by 2021. These statistics imply a substantial need for local music recording studios and recording studios in the industry.

Music studio owners can opt for session control to keep their microphones and audio equalizers bouncing while artists can also use it to keep theirs in their recording studios.

It offers the possibility to musicians from less recognizable studios and improves their abilities to stand out in the market. A local freelance recording artist striving to achieve their dreams and musical goals can use the session control platform and make a fortune!

Tech experts created Session Control to ensure secure payment methods and the safety of the studio and artist. In addition, their services include the functionality of studios listing their respective spaces while setting their desired price.

Session control follows the Airbnb model for the best results for studio recording, but this is only for recording studio owners.

Session Control will charge an 18% service charge on each transaction. For the convenience of its users, typical studio time is booked in blocks of 4 hours at an average rate of $ 60 per hour.

For online reservations, customers can use various gadgets such as desktops, mobiles and tablets to make appointments and book exclusive Session Control services.

The mission of Session Controls is to connect artists with studios to best produce and to provide a forum where professional and independent studios can be programmed to help create the next era of musical magic.

Register and download the session control app It’s also available on the iOS App Store and coming soon to the Google Play Store.

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