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Recording Academy In Turmoil, Eminem In Hot Water – Deadline

There is really only one story this week. “Music’s Biggest Night,” as they call the Grammy Awards, is under a cloud this year, as CEO / President Deborah Dugan was put on administrative leave earlier this week by the Recording Academy as a complaints about his mandate are under investigation.

Considering Dugan has only been on duty since August, the action has been shocking. First woman at the head of the Recording Academy, her enemies already smear her in the press, dropping suspicions of cruelty towards a subordinate, unable to work with the board of directors.

Her attorney has previously indicated that Dugan will strike back when she gets the chance, so expect a calm settlement or a truly gruesome battle that will tear and tear the institution apart.

This week in music:

THE INTERPRETERS OF THE GRAMMYS: Besides the turmoil of leaders, the Grammys will also highlight music. On the program: Aerosmith + Run-DMC, Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton + Gwen Stefani, Billie Eilish, Bonnie Raitt (John Prine Tribute Performance), Camila Cabello, Charlie Wilson, Demi Lovato, HER, Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, Rosalia and Tyler, the creator

SUPER HALF: Demi Lovato has said she will resume her performances after struggling with her sanity. Apparently, the easing means the Grammy Awards and singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, which is two of the biggest audiences in the world.

MELLE MEL GETS A RLE: Iconic Rapper Has Central Cameo Role In Everything Just Wrapped Up 3 days of ascent”Which filmed in West Orange, NJ. He plays a crime scene photographer of all things in this thriller inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s classic, The Fall of House Usher. The film is produced by actor / rapper Ice-T, who also stars Noel Ashman, Mickey Rourke, Peter Greene, Frank Whaley, Joseph D’Onofrio, Bo Dietl and Rachel Hilbert.

THE OUTRAGES OF EMINEM: Rapper Eminem’s new album draws attention to a song in which he puts himself in the shoes of a suicide bomber. The song, Not very accommodating, is part of Music to be murdered by, which fell on Friday. The lyrics that elicited a negative reaction are: I’m considering shouting “bombs away” on the game/like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert on hold. Eminem helped raise funds for the victims in Manchester following the attack.

IHEART RADIO CUTOUT: No less than 850 program directors and on-air talent were laid off in a business reshuffle earlier this week. In a statement regarding these “dislocated” DJs, iHeart said, “We are modernizing our business to take advantage of the significant investments we have made in new technology and aligning our operating structure to match the technology companies in which we are now ”.

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