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Pioneering music app AUDICI wins prestigious e-Swabhimani award – adaderana biz english

  • Wins first place in Digital Entertainment category
  • Creates transparent showbiz reality entertainment for performers, audiences and judges
  • Globally-born Blue Ocean product sparks performance commitment beyond borders

A pioneer of new technologies in the entertainment industry, the cutting-edge, multi-faceted reality hearing and community entertainment platform AUDICI, won the Social Impact Award in the Digital Entertainment category at the e-Swabhimani Awards 2020 organized by the Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA). A product of the blue ocean with a potential for a global presence in entertainment technology services, the uniqueness of this music application in using technological innovation to accommodate the three peers of the competitor, judge and audience on a single platform, gives it an international competitive advantage in bringing together shows across borders.

AUDICI’s innovative music aggregator enables talented singers and musicians to perform live, train in real environments, be judged and take on an audience on a virtual stage. Revolutionary innovation allows any recorded or published music track to be used for vocals, intense practice, record cover versions, and self-rated pitch and timing comparisons to the original , publish the performance on popular digital channels and gain public attention and criticism. Options to get professional opinions from a favorite judge and even vocal training by dividing the vocal track of the original performance are built into the app. Covering the multiple dynamics of a performer’s performance cycle, AUDICI also allows a performer to self-assess their singing or instrument skills.

“Our whole concept is based on bringing music closer to the public,” explains a spokesperson for the AUDICI team. “We go beyond music. We create, connect, celebrate and unite people around the world through music. Every artist starts out small, but in this new world the competition is so intense, AUDICI allows them to use this seed of talent and become stars.

With seemingly limitless potential for creative remixes across different mediums, AUDICI is the ideal solution for the entertainment industry and businesses that create quality entertainment content that is fun and professional. This unique lifestyle app creates a seamless showbiz experience allowing entertainment to evolve into a full reality show.

Developed by a qualified team of professionals and industry experts specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality and Blockchain technology for the music industry, AUDICI, which is available on Android, iOS and soon Windows, uses AI and ML extensively in some processes. He is awaiting the patent application and copyright license from the National Intellectual Property Office (NIPO) of Sri Lanka and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Stating that AUDICI is strengthening the entertainment industry, which has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, the AUDICI spokesperson said, “We are transforming the face of reality shows. Coordination will be minimal due to the massive downsizing of physical staff and significant physical sites and associated logistical complexities, which also means that all health and safety measures relating to the pandemic can be met with minimal effort. hassle. There is also flexibility as artists, judges and audience are not limited by distance, time or country, there is 100% audience interaction and new talent will be encouraged. This is the new world in which the entertainment industry will have to operate. Our Born-Global product is leading the way in transforming entertainment and making the experience much more engaging, interactive and inclusive in these changing times.

AUDICI adds “AudiciProtect”, an integrated tool based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies on the Ethereum platform to protect the copyrights of singers, writers and composers. This protects the song’s originality, copyright revenue, and allows rights holders to authorize and manage copyright on a public registry. It limits the need for intermediaries in the promotion process, ensuring that rights holders automatically and instantly receive a larger share of royalties from the music industry. The tool also uses encryption and watermark methods to combat piracy and a version management mechanism that updates smart contract data to correct errors made by the publisher.

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