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Music Production for Women launches scholarship program

Music Production for Women Melbourne (MPW) is offering a scholarship place for a woman or non-binary person to take part in its new year-long Master Your Music programme.

Supported by Ableton, the scholarship grants the recipient access to weekly masterclasses in music production, mixing, music marketing and sound design, among other skills in the music industry.

Masterclasses will be led by industry experts, including UK-based vocal producer, sound engineer, songwriter, session drummer and vocalist Ramera Abraham (Adele, Stormzy and Little Mix) and Dutch-based multi-Platinum mixing engineer Neenah.

Ramera Abraham

In addition to access to the masterclass, students will also receive monthly group mentoring sessions, a copy of Ableton Suite, and access to “a supportive and safe community.” The total value of the program exceeds $9,000.

“I’m so excited about this new program we’ve launched because we’ve worked really hard to include a lot of information that almost every independent artist needs, but often doesn’t know they need!” says MPW founder Xylo Aria.

Applications for the program close at midnight AEST tomorrow, February 16. For the application form and more details on the program please follow this link.

Music Production for Women (MPW) was founded in 2020 by artist, producer and Top 50 East London Innovator of 2020, Xylo Aria. The community and online education platform aims to encourage and empower women taking their first steps into music production.

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MPW also offers an introductory music production course that covers the basics of electronic music production in an accessible and easy-to-follow way. It also offers classes and workshops in other areas of music production and mixing.

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