Music production

Mark Ronson joins BBC Maestro to teach music production course: ‘It’s a lot of things I’ve learned in 25 years’

Mark Ronson is the latest star to post a course on BBC Maestro, a Masterclass-style platform that features well-known creative and business types explaining their process.

As you’d expect, Ronson’s course focuses on the art — not to mention the cogs and bolts — of music production. It includes 18 lessons and covers songwriting, recording and other essential production skills.

There’s also advice on how to successfully collaborate with other artists, something Ronson has done before with Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga.

“I’m doing this so that any young kids curious about producing, or people just starting out, or just music fans who are wondering if they want to get into it, can see how to produce music,” says Ronson, “It’s usable and accessible content.”

“Whether it’s cutting breaks or playing the mic, or a more holistic understanding of how to collaborate with artists. It’s a bunch of stuff I’ve learned in 25 years, the insight and foresight I’ve accumulated, wrapped up in a nice little series of lessons,” he adds.

Ronson also breaks down some of his biggest hits, including Nothing Breaks Like A Heart and Uptown Funk.

The full course is over six hours long – it will be available on July 5 for £80. You’ll also be able to watch via BBC Maestro’s new all-access subscription service, which lets you see everything the platform has to offer. The launch of Ronson’s course also coincides with the arrival of BBC Maestro in the United States.

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