Music production

Jabby Road Studios – Mobile Music Production

Music production is no longer just for big budget studios, or even desktop computers. You can now mix and master your future singles directly from your smartphone. Dig deeper into your phone with these great music making apps, and maybe one day the world will hear all of those punchy tunes in your head.

Cubasis 3

Don’t want to leave the house with nothing less than a big digital audio workstation in your pants? You will then want Cubasis 3 on your phone (or tablet). The app offers unlimited scope to create your next number 1, whether you want to type notes on a piano roll, slide loops, or pretend you’re Kraftwerk by turning virtual knobs. Remember, this one is quite deep.

R520 /Android ● R830 / ios

Sequence Groove

If you want something simpler for creating grooves on the move, this is a portable beatmaker that lets you type drum, bass, and lead lines on miniature pads and keyboards. It’s accessible stuff for newcomers, but explore a bit and you’ll discover features for tweaking samples, editing notes, and applying tracks in a cavernous reverb as if you were auditioning to join Slowdive.

Free (IAP) / Android

KORG Kaossilator

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that your phone is mostly a slab of glass. This doesn’t lend itself to traditional synth setups, as they are packed with knobs and sliders. So Korg’s app is primarily an expressive touchscreen that you slide a finger over to unleash punchy beats, thunderous bass, and ears-cracking tracks. Just enough for “UNCH UNCH UNCH” in the night.

R285 /Android ● R330 / ios


If even Kaossilator feels staid to you, PixiTracker will scratch your idiosyncratic itch. The weird setup asks you to select a pixel-art icon, choose a note, and place it on a sequencer grid. Put down enough notes and you’ve got a melody – and if you need visual accompaniment, hit the TV button to watch Space Invaders move to the top of an audio waveform representing your musical genius.

R52 /Android, ios

Runaway Machine

Runaway machine

Described by its creator as ‘Bach in a box’, Fugue Machine is not a dusty relic. Instead, it’s a decidedly modern sequencer that borrows from layered composition techniques found in classical music. You press notes on a piano roll, then perform multiple playheads on the same set of notes. By changing the speed, height, starting point and direction of each, you get hypnotic juxtapositions.

R250 / ios

L7 audio kit

Audio kit-L7.001-1-768x432

If you don’t like virtual instruments and instead fancy making music with your face (or a guitar), AudioKit L7 provides you with a live looper where you can create a 16-track song. It’s super easy to use yet versatile, letting you tap loops to turn them on and off, add effects, or export your efforts as a ZIP-filled WAV so they can be the start. of your next global success.

R50 / ios