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Indian classical music app NaadSadhana wins innovation category – Technology News, Firstpost

Annually Apple Design Award this year, Apple announced the 12 best apps and games of the year. The awards were divided into six categories: inclusion, fun and enjoyment, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and innovation. “This year’s Apple Design Award winners have redefined what we expect from a great app experience, and we congratulate them on a well-deserved victory. The work of these developers embodies the vital role apps and games play in our daily lives and is a prime example of our six new award categories, ”said Susan Prescott, vice president of global developer relations. from Apple.

Apple has announced 12 apps as winners of the Apple Design Awards.

In the Inclusiveness category, Voice dream reader and Holo Vista applications emerged as winners. The Voice dream reader app is a text-to-speech application that “reads text aloud from any digital source”. The HoloVista application offers several accessibility features including motion control, text size, text contrast, sound, and visual effects intensity.

Pok Pok Games Room, and Little Orpheus were the winners of the Plaisir et Plaisir category. This category focuses on applications that deliver “memorable, engaging and satisfying experiences that are enhanced by Apple technologies”. CAROTTE Weather forecast, an application that displays “humorous forecasts and unique visualsand Single bird, who offers exploratory interactions combined with gestures, haptics, parallax and dynamic sound effects, won in the Interactive category.

In the Social Impact category, Be my eyes The application allows “blind and visually impaired people” to identify objects by providing volunteers from all over the world using the camera and Alba, a game app where “Alba saves local wildlife, repairs the bridge in the reserve and cleans up garbage around town won the Apple Design Award this year. According to Apple, this category includes apps that “significantly improve lives and shed light on critical issues.”

The Visuals & Graphics category focuses on applications that feature “skillfully designed interfaces and high-quality animations that lend themselves to a distinctive and cohesive theme.” One of the winners in this category is the Loona application. Loona application offers lively sleep sessions that include relaxing activities, stories and atmospheric sounds. Another application that won in the Visual and Graphics category is Genshin Impact is a game application that shows battle scenes and landscapes.

Finally, in the Innovation category, which focuses on applications that offer “a cutting-edge experience thanks to an unprecedented use of Apple technologies”, Naad Sadhana, a studio-quality all-in-one music app won the award. It is notably the only Indian application to have won an Apple Design Award this year. League of Legends: Wild Rif, a PC game now available on mobile also won in this category.

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