Music mixer Pro Music Mixer will make you live your next party!

Have you ever seen a DJ in the booth playing music on their MacBook Pro and thought I could probably do that too, if I only had the right DJ equipment or software? Maybe you took it a step further and considered purchasing some software and hardware and the shock of the sticker stopped you dead in its tracks. Pro music mixer is a great place to start if you’ve never tried DJing before but are very curious about it. With this offer, you will get the full suite of software for life for just $ 19. It is 85% off the regular price of $ 129!

With this comprehensive software, you will be able to:

  • Visually align beats using vertical waveform graphic display
  • Shuffle tracks, mix videos or karaoke, and make song transitions with ease
  • Instantly sync and switch between decks with automatic BPM detection
  • Configure advanced audio routing using up to 8 inputs and outputs
  • Apply, combine and adjust different audio effects
  • Combine video effects and transitions with full screen video output
  • Beat and match your music with harmonic blends
  • Play and adjust loops and jingles on 8 sample players
  • Connect multiple MIDI or HID controllers at the same time with over 110 zero configuration controllers supported

So what are you waiting for? The music will not mix – become the life of the party with Pro music mixer!

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