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Dolby On will turn your Android device into a powerful music recording studio – Phandroid

Back in the day, if you wanted to record music, you would need a computer like a desktop or laptop, a microphone, and if you wanted video you would also need a camera. Nowadays, our smartphones are basically computers in our pockets that contain a camera and a microphone.

Would benefit, Dolby, which recently announced its latest smartphone app in the form of Dolby On. Dolby is a name that many are no doubt familiar with when it comes to sound, and with Dolby On, the company has created a music recording app that does more than just capture audio (which can be easily done at the using your phone’s voice recording software).

The company created Dolby On to be a smarter music recording app, where, depending on the music you’ve recorded, the app will be smart enough to adjust certain parameters of your recording. This includes equalizer, compression, noise reduction, stereo widening, etc. This means that if you use your phone to record your music on the go, the app will be able to use these features to help clean up as much of the background noise as possible.

There will also be built-in “Styles” (which are essentially filters for the audio) which will allow you to adjust your recordings according to your preferences. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, Dolby On is currently available in public beta for Android, but a full version is expected soon.

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