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A Level Physics Music Mixing Kit | Electronics and IT

This initiative was developed in partnership with the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF), and with the sponsorship of organizations, including the Small trust, and support and donations from a wide range of businesses, charities and other organizations.

The Music Mixer PCB incorporates basic electronic concepts suitable for A-level physics students.

Music mixer kit

The music mixer kit combines two audio signals, e.g. music from cellphones, allowing users to control volume by experimenting with different electronic components, learning about electronic sensors (e.g. LDRs) and resistance dividers.

The design aims to expose all components and demystifies electronics for students.

The board also has dedicated sections for determining Planck’s constant – by measuring and plotting voltage and current across four differently colored LEDs – and experimenting with capacitor discharge.

The kit is not currently available for purchase, but a limited number is provided free to schools. Schools / colleges interested in receiving kits, or organizations interested in sponsoring the program, can Join our mailing list to know more.

We are building educational resources around these tips, for example our online training video. If you would like to contribute to the resources, please contact us.

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