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Apple Music to launch standalone classical music app next year

Existing Primephonic subscribers will receive six months of free access to hundreds of thousands of albums Mathure Paul | Posted on 01.09.21, 04:57 AM Classical music listeners generally find it difficult to stream through apps and are often found on platforms other than Spotify or Apple Music, which means additional costs in terms of subscription […]

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Apple acquires classical music service Primephonic and will launch application dedicated to classical music

Apple today announced that it has acquired the classical music streaming service Primephonic and will integrate it into Apple Music. Primephonic offers an “exceptional listening experience” with search and navigation features optimized for classic audio, as well as handpicked recommendations and “contextual details about directory and recordings”. “We love and have a deep respect for […]

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Apple acquires classical music app Primephonic as it embarks on genre

Apple is making a serious breakthrough in classical music. The company today announced the acquisition of Primephonic, a streaming service focused on classical music. As part of the deal, that service will be shut down starting September 7, but Apple says it will integrate Primephonic features and playlists into Apple Music. Interestingly, Apple will also […]

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Music production app for the phone market – Major tech giants in the buzz again

Global Music production app for phone The Market Report is an objective and in-depth study of the current state targeting key drivers, Phone Music Production Application market strategies and key players growth in Phone Music Production Application. The study of phone music production application also involves the significant achievements of the phone music production application […]