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There is more to music production: Chirumbwana

BY REJOICE NCUBE Brighton BULAWAYO-based music producer Misheck Chirumbwana says music production is not as easy as people think. Chirumbwana said NewsDay Life & Style that it takes time to put together all the necessary instruments to produce a song. “Artists are often faced with challenges in putting together the required instruments, coming up with […]

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Indian classical music app NaadSadhana wins innovation category – Technology News, Firstpost

Tech2 News StaffJune 14, 2021 3:48:45 PM IST Annually Apple Design Award this year, Apple announced the 12 best apps and games of the year. The awards were divided into six categories: inclusion, fun and enjoyment, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and innovation. “This year’s Apple Design Award winners have redefined what we expect […]

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Classical Music App From Indian Developer Wins Apple’s Best Design Award

Every year at its annual developer conference —WWDC – Apple announces its design awards. After reviewing apps and games from around the world, 12 apps receive this award. This year at WWDC, a application developer from India won the design award. NaadSadhna, an app for Hindustani classical music, was honored in the new Innovation Award […]

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Free TREBEL Files music app for IPO, hoping to attract millions of hackers * TorrentFreak

When Spotify launched in 2006, the plan was to lure music pirates into a legal ecosystem that would make piracy less attractive while rewarding artists. Although both of these goals have been achieved, piracy remains the go-to option for millions of music fans, and artists still complain that they are not being paid appropriately. Over […]

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AudioStretch’s most popular music app goes on sale for $ 1.99, its lowest price on record

BandLab’s music transcription app and functionality, AudioStretch, rose to the top of Apple’s App Store rankings, claiming number one spot on the paid music apps list. Additionally, the app is now on sale for $ 1.99, the lowest price ever, and has gone viral on TikTok as hundreds of thousands of users like and create […]