Music recording

“Recording In Progress” Celebrates The Art Of Music Recording And Reflects On Its Future

Outside of live performances, every note of music you’ve heard in your life has been electronically processed before it reaches your ear. Recording, mixing and mastering capture fleeting moments of inspiration, maximize their sonic potential and preserve them in perpetuity. The technology for doing this has constantly evolved since the birth of recorded music in […]

Music app

7 Cool Features iOS 14.5 Adds to Your iPhone Music App – For Apple Music and Your Own Library “iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple’s big iOS 14.5 update adds over 60 new features and changes to your iPhone, some of which are upgrades that audiophiles and even casual listeners can appreciate. Whether you subscribe to the Apple Music streaming service or just use the Music app for your own song library, iOS 14.5 has a few things you […]