Music recording

5+ best free audio and music recording software for Windows 10

If you want professional audio recording software, Sound Forge Pro might be just what you need. The app supports multi-channel recording, powerful editing features, and a range of plugins to choose from. Sound Forge Pro 14 has a professional user interface, and with 64-bit support, you will get maximum performance when processing audio. There is […]

Music app

Music app co-founded by US multi-platinum producer and former executive of Universal will pay users up to $ 1,000 to identify potential hits

Music startup Djooky, a platform for emerging artists, has launched a new feature on its app called HitHunter that promises to pay its users cash prizes to identify potential hits. The new A&R feature follows the creation of the Djooky Music Awards in July 2020. Described as “the world’s premier online music competition”, the competition […]