Solutions to take care of family and business agriculture, having the necessary flexibility to contribute to competitiveness in the productive chain of its cooperative: loan for rural producers fast and easy, this is our specialty .

If you need to finance production cycle expenses or resources to support your agribusiness, our cooperative system provides specific financing lines. Whether through onlending lines or own resources, we have the right product to meet your needs, with own lines to finance agricultural and livestock costing operations .

Get to know our loan advantages for rural producers !

What are the advantages of using the loan to pay for the crop?

Our members, besides being owners and getting involved in assemblies with active voice, also have more personal and financial advantages. Check out:

Reduced interest rates

Our cooperatives offer more attractive interest rates on the lines of credit , to invest in the best way. In addition, several do not charge fees for their services (registration, supply of tickets, transfers). When they request payment, rates are always lower than those practiced by traditional banks .

Hint: How to evaluate if an interest rate is attractive?

Income higher than market

In case of yieldable income, the cooperative offers the product for term deposit , with yields more attractive in relation to many products offered in the financial market .

Namely, the cooperative can enjoy a tax exemption , not having an obligation to collect deposits related to taxes, as in banks, which facilitates a greater margin of return to its cooperative savers .

Personalized service

The cooperative is served as the owner of the business. And fundamentally, he can negotiate in an organization that will return his share in the leftovers, which can be by means of payment of shares, further improving his relationship with the cooperative or in cash, if so decided in assembly.

Tip: The importance of the customer relationship plan for micro and small businesses

Rural credit subsidized resources

These are equalized resources to finance agricultural production. Interest rates are fixed and vary from 2.50% to 4.60% per year

How to use the loan for rural producers in the best way?

This resource acts to assist rural development in the country , through the provision of credit for family agriculture and Brazilian agribusiness. Look for one of our cooperatives and be secure in the accessibility of your credit !

Moreover, rural producers can take advantage of the limits, better rates, coverage of expenses, terms and advantages of rural loans.

Agricultural Insurance – Agri Lending

All our financing operations rely on the agricultural insurance – Agri Lending, which aims to exempt the beneficiary from complying with the financial obligations in rural credit financing operations, in the event of loss of income as a result of climatic inclemencies, chapter 16 of the Rural Credit Handbook – MCR.

Do you want to avoid losses with unforeseen circumstances? Get to know our material and learn more about the importance of insurance!


Cost funding

To cover normal expenses of the agricultural production cycle, such as acquisition of fertilizers, inputs, pesticides and seeds. It can also be used in animal husbandry to cover animal expenses , such as the purchase of vaccines, medicines and feed.

There is also the possibility to include in the livestock costs the operations for the maintenance of activities for beekeeping, poultry farming, pisciculture, sericulture, aquaculture and artisanal fishing.

Easy costing

With it, the producer has a simple and agile alternative to carry out projects of agricultural costing with value of up to R $ 500 thousand. It is also possible to cover costs of agricultural production such as seeds, inputs, pesticides and fertilizers. Contracts can be analyzed directly at the agency, quickly and easily .

Advance funding

You can get credit before the beginning of the planting to buy inputs , with the best market conditions. With the cost it is possible to cover the expenses of the agricultural production, like acquisition of fertilizers, defensive, seeds among other inputs.

The following crops may be covered:

  • bean; cotton; manioc; garlic; sunflower; peanut; rice; coffee; sugar cane; carrot; orange; Apple; corn; Soy; sorghum; grape; tomato; wheat.

Plant Lending cost for cooperatives

A credit line for credit unions that work with participants in the National Program for Strengthening Family Farming (Plant Lending).

Cooperatives who engage in agricultural tasks with economic goals can obtain inputs , such as fertilizers and seeds, carry out cultural dealings, and harvest . Already the livestock cost is destined to cover normal expenses of the productive cycles , as:

  • purchase of vaccines and medicines;

  • and supplements;

  • minerals.



It allows the financing of items destined to normal expenses of the productive cycle of periodical crops, the off-season and permanent crops or the extraction of spontaneous or cultivated vegetal products .

It also allows the financing of expenses for the acquisition of inputs for the restoration and recovery of legal reserve areas and permanent preservation areas , including pest and invasive species control, maintenance and conduction of natural regeneration of native species and fire prevention .

In the operations destined to livestock costing, it is possible to finance the acquisition of animals for rearing and fattening, in the case of an enterprise conducted by an independent producer, acquisition of inputs . There are also those destined to the normal expenses of the cattle ranch, including activities for beekeeping, poultry farming, pisciculture, sericulture, aquaculture and artisanal fishing.

The deadlines are also differentiated when dealing with Easy LoanCosting operations . Contact us for more details!

When to use this loan facility?


Rural credit can be obtained by registered producers as individuals or legal entities. Producers who belong to Plant Lending must, in addition to proving the income in their cooperative, bear the Declaration of Aptitude to Plant Lending – DAP, to have their association approved in assembly, to be a rural producer.

The producers included in Easy Loanmust prove the rent and have rural property or lease .

The types of rural activities that are most advantageous for the rural credit application are the crops of:

Get to know some rural activities supported by the Royal Lending Cooperatives :

  • manioc, rice, cocoa, beans, wheat, cowpeas, garlic, yerba mate, tomato, onion, sweet potato, banana, potato, peanut, pineapple, açaí, yam, peach, baru, tangerine, olerícolas , orange, cashew nuts, crops in agroecological-based production systems or in transition to agroecological-based systems;

  • cattle raising for dairy cattle, beekeeping, goats, fish farming and sheep.