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You are newly married, you have to move and collect money to rent or to make arrangements for your new home … But after the party, you did not have a handle! Personal loans in minutes from Odette are the solution.

He armed himself weekend with friends on the coast, but there are 20 days left until you get copper … Are you going to miss it?! 

Where can I get a personal loan for bad credit

Personal loans for bad credit from source: PlusLend have many advantages: they are fast, transparent and online. No paperwork. The whole process is done in minutes and they deposit the money in the day in your bank account. Thus, you quickly solve a specific problem of money or give yourself that pleasure that you are delaying. Enter our website and have the little dish to do what you want. Ask them! And travel, rent, pay, go out, buy …


Loans in minutes

Personal loans in minutes

You have an exit or a highly anticipated party and you ran out of a weight for the hairdresser. The credit card no longer enters or half combed. Get pretty like that, 

Arrangements in the car that were not in the plans? Thats weird! Again on foot and without money! Odette doesn’t take you but lends you.

Expenses in medical consultations, purchase of remedies, extra money for analysis and other studies. Health can’t wait for you to have twine. Odette saves your life!

Your child turns years, the expected day is approaching but the expected payment shines for his absence. You can’t arrive empty-handed, but you can enter the Odette app and solve it.

 Unexpected expenses usually grab you without a weight

 Unexpected expenses usually grab you without a weight

These and many other unexpected expenses usually grab you without a weight, with money to collect on an uncertain date, the salary still distant and no one to turn to. I am Odette and I can help you. I am not a bank, nor a heroine… I am much better! I specialize in personal loans in minutes. I can give you an online advance of up to $ 20,000, to be returned in up to 3 installments. You can apply online and get an answer in less than 15 minutes. At any time and from anywhere, apply on my website or in the app, with minimum requirements.

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What is CBU, in order to ask for your personal loan? Sat, 13 Jul 2019 07:03:54 +0000 Are you needing some weight for an unforeseen event that came up and reading on my page you saw the word CBU and you have no idea what it is? Do not trouble yourself!

Here I will explain what it is and how to get it, in order to ask for your personal loan.

Here I will explain what it is and how to get it, in order to ask for your personal loan .

The CBU is a very important data of your bank account, which will help you to make any type of transfer or request a personal loan from me, in a few simple steps!

It is composed of 22 digits that represent your bank account, all CBUs have that number of digits, if it has less it is because it is not the CBU.

Are you crazy asking your friends, acquaintances, relatives where you can get it? Don’t do drama! Here, your friend Lender, gives you the data on how you can get it from an ATM:

-Depending on the bank you have, you can go to any bank that has Link.
-When you enter your account, you have to choose the option “Queries” and then “CBU Consultation”.
-The cashier will give you a ticket with the CBU number of your account.

Then fly home and ask for a loan!


That is the number you have to enter so that you can do the accreditation to your bank account and the subsequent automatic debit for the return, which can be up to 3 installments.

It’s super easy!


Give it, cheer up! Ask for the amount you need, from your cell (downloading the app) or from your computer.
In approximately 15 minutes you can know if you qualify to receive the advance and I credit you on the day. You can’t miss it!

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Personal Payday loan: reduced interest rate and many more advantages! Thu, 04 Jul 2019 21:31:46 +0000



One of the main problems that makes sleep of the Brazilians is the accumulation of debts. Given this, the Personal Payday loan, which has a reduced interest rate , is an excellent resource to pay off these debts.

However, on interest, there is still much doubt. So come and understand more about this attractive rate and see if it fits your reality.

Personal Payday loan: interest rate

The Personal Payday loan is a type of credit in which the installments are directly discounted from the salary, benefit or pension of the borrower. Therefore, the financial institutions have guaranteed payment of the creditor’s debt, and can therefore practice reduced interest rates.

In the Personal Payday, the interest rate revolves around 2.10% per month, depending on the bank, being much smaller in relation to other personal loans. According to data from the Central Bank of Brazil, interest on overdrafts and revolving credit cards, for example, revolve around 250% and 300% per year, respectively. That is, other types of loans, practice fees up to 10 times higher than the Personal Payday.

Margin assignable

In addition, in the form of Personal Payday-deductible loans, there is what we call the assignable margin. The margin, which is the maximum percentage of commitment of the salary, is up to 35% of the income . Being 30% intended for loan and 5% for the consigned card . In this way, the borrower’s basic needs, such as food, health, water and electricity, are not compromised by the loan. However, in the Personal Payday loan, the reduced interest rate and the assignable margin are just some of the advantages of this type of credit.

Main advantages of the Personal Payday Loan

Unlike other types of loans, on the Personal Payday you have much more easily at the time of hiring without bureaucracies. The process is quite simple, requiring only basic documents, to ensure their safety. The hiring can be done via bank, via correspondent, via site or via applications.Different from a few years ago, with the evolution of the digital media, it is becoming easier to hire the Personal Payday loan. This is because, through the applications of financial institutions or authorized correspondents, you make the hiring with much more comfort, practicality.

It is no longer necessary to go to the various banks to compare which institution offers the best conditions. It is already possible, through the applications, to make simulations , comparisons between different banks and even hire the Personal Payday loan with more agility, security and comfort .

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Loan for rural producers: cost of the crop Sun, 16 Jun 2019 21:28:29 +0000

Solutions to take care of family and business agriculture, having the necessary flexibility to contribute to competitiveness in the productive chain of its cooperative: loan for rural producers fast and easy, this is our specialty .

If you need to finance production cycle expenses or resources to support your agribusiness, our cooperative system provides specific financing lines. Whether through onlending lines or own resources, we have the right product to meet your needs, with own lines to finance agricultural and livestock costing operations .

Get to know our loan advantages for rural producers !

What are the advantages of using the loan to pay for the crop?

Our members, besides being owners and getting involved in assemblies with active voice, also have more personal and financial advantages. Check out:

Reduced interest rates

Our cooperatives offer more attractive interest rates on the lines of credit , to invest in the best way. In addition, several do not charge fees for their services (registration, supply of tickets, transfers). When they request payment, rates are always lower than those practiced by traditional banks .

Hint: How to evaluate if an interest rate is attractive?

Income higher than market

In case of yieldable income, the cooperative offers the product for term deposit , with yields more attractive in relation to many products offered in the financial market .

Namely, the cooperative can enjoy a tax exemption , not having an obligation to collect deposits related to taxes, as in banks, which facilitates a greater margin of return to its cooperative savers .

Personalized service

The cooperative is served as the owner of the business. And fundamentally, he can negotiate in an organization that will return his share in the leftovers, which can be by means of payment of shares, further improving his relationship with the cooperative or in cash, if so decided in assembly.

Tip: The importance of the customer relationship plan for micro and small businesses

Rural credit subsidized resources

These are equalized resources to finance agricultural production. Interest rates are fixed and vary from 2.50% to 4.60% per year

How to use the loan for rural producers in the best way?

This resource acts to assist rural development in the country , through the provision of credit for family agriculture and Brazilian agribusiness. Look for one of our cooperatives and be secure in the accessibility of your credit !

Moreover, rural producers can take advantage of the limits, better rates, coverage of expenses, terms and advantages of rural loans.

Agricultural Insurance – Agri Lending

All our financing operations rely on the agricultural insurance – Agri Lending, which aims to exempt the beneficiary from complying with the financial obligations in rural credit financing operations, in the event of loss of income as a result of climatic inclemencies, chapter 16 of the Rural Credit Handbook – MCR.

Do you want to avoid losses with unforeseen circumstances? Get to know our material and learn more about the importance of insurance!


Cost funding

To cover normal expenses of the agricultural production cycle, such as acquisition of fertilizers, inputs, pesticides and seeds. It can also be used in animal husbandry to cover animal expenses , such as the purchase of vaccines, medicines and feed.

There is also the possibility to include in the livestock costs the operations for the maintenance of activities for beekeeping, poultry farming, pisciculture, sericulture, aquaculture and artisanal fishing.

Easy costing

With it, the producer has a simple and agile alternative to carry out projects of agricultural costing with value of up to R $ 500 thousand. It is also possible to cover costs of agricultural production such as seeds, inputs, pesticides and fertilizers. Contracts can be analyzed directly at the agency, quickly and easily .

Advance funding

You can get credit before the beginning of the planting to buy inputs , with the best market conditions. With the cost it is possible to cover the expenses of the agricultural production, like acquisition of fertilizers, defensive, seeds among other inputs.

The following crops may be covered:

  • bean; cotton; manioc; garlic; sunflower; peanut; rice; coffee; sugar cane; carrot; orange; Apple; corn; Soy; sorghum; grape; tomato; wheat.

Plant Lending cost for cooperatives

A credit line for credit unions that work with participants in the National Program for Strengthening Family Farming (Plant Lending).

Cooperatives who engage in agricultural tasks with economic goals can obtain inputs , such as fertilizers and seeds, carry out cultural dealings, and harvest . Already the livestock cost is destined to cover normal expenses of the productive cycles , as:

  • purchase of vaccines and medicines;

  • and supplements;

  • minerals.



It allows the financing of items destined to normal expenses of the productive cycle of periodical crops, the off-season and permanent crops or the extraction of spontaneous or cultivated vegetal products .

It also allows the financing of expenses for the acquisition of inputs for the restoration and recovery of legal reserve areas and permanent preservation areas , including pest and invasive species control, maintenance and conduction of natural regeneration of native species and fire prevention .

In the operations destined to livestock costing, it is possible to finance the acquisition of animals for rearing and fattening, in the case of an enterprise conducted by an independent producer, acquisition of inputs . There are also those destined to the normal expenses of the cattle ranch, including activities for beekeeping, poultry farming, pisciculture, sericulture, aquaculture and artisanal fishing.

The deadlines are also differentiated when dealing with Easy LoanCosting operations . Contact us for more details!

When to use this loan facility?


Rural credit can be obtained by registered producers as individuals or legal entities. Producers who belong to Plant Lending must, in addition to proving the income in their cooperative, bear the Declaration of Aptitude to Plant Lending – DAP, to have their association approved in assembly, to be a rural producer.

The producers included in Easy Loanmust prove the rent and have rural property or lease .

The types of rural activities that are most advantageous for the rural credit application are the crops of:

Get to know some rural activities supported by the Royal Lending Cooperatives :

  • manioc, rice, cocoa, beans, wheat, cowpeas, garlic, yerba mate, tomato, onion, sweet potato, banana, potato, peanut, pineapple, açaí, yam, peach, baru, tangerine, olerícolas , orange, cashew nuts, crops in agroecological-based production systems or in transition to agroecological-based systems;

  • cattle raising for dairy cattle, beekeeping, goats, fish farming and sheep.

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How To Organize Your Budget And Put Your Financial Life In Order Fri, 31 May 2019 20:55:27 +0000 Did you spend too much on your last vacation? You are not alone. A survey conducted in 2015 by consumer credit news agency Experian found that 68% of people spend too much while on holiday. In addition, 40 percent of respondents said they had accumulated credit card debt while on vacation, and 46 percent of respondents said they used their credit card to fund their vacation.

Even though you have not traveled anywhere last summer, with all the activities, drinks and meals, our budgets can be easily matched.

Assessing the situation

Assessing the situation

For those who do not have an emergency fund to use as plan B, it is important to organize with the bills before turning a snowball. And with next summer coming, now is a good time to get ahead by organizing your bills and putting your financial life in order. The first thing you need to do is look at your financial situation and face any debts.

Check your bank statement, card bills and other bills you have. Put together all the transactions and make a full balance sheet to see how much money you owe. Getting to see everything in one place is essential to understanding the situation.

Identifying Expenses

Then it’s time to draw a budget by first making a list of your monthly expenses. Based on your current budget and essential expenses, how much money can you allocate to pay your debts and how long will it take for your debts to be paid?

You will then need to analyze the superfluous expenses that you can reduce, but not necessarily remove completely. With a few tweaks and a little creativity, you can pay off your debts while still enjoying and enjoying your life.

Cutting expenses

Cutting expenses

Identify ways you and your partner can reduce expenses. For example, can you two bring lunch to work instead of buying lunch every day? Can you use public transport instead of driving a car? Can you ride your bike or go to work instead of spending with transportation? Can you get rid of your monthly gym membership and work out at home or at a park?

Once you have identified ways to reduce or eliminate expenses, you may have a lot more money saved. If you have allocated money that you could save to pay your debts, how long will it take you to be debt free?

Caring for debt

Caring for debt

If you’ve worked out your budget and it looks like your debts may affect more than a few months, it might be a good time to explore an additional source of income.

Do you have a spare room that you can rent on Airbnb? Can you take a part-time job for a few months? Does your workplace offer overtime for additional hours worked? Can you sell old things that you no longer use? Think of creative ways to make extra money to deal with your debts.

Think long term

Think long term

If you are financing part of your debts with credit cards or using your overdraft, look for other options to pay less interest. This interest accumulates over time and you end up paying a lot of money to the bank, not to mention the hidden fees and catchwords that always appear in your statement. Good lender online loans are the ideal solution for those who are tired of paying high interest rates to banks and need more flexibility to pay their bills.

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How to borrow a loan from a friend and receive a yes! Mon, 20 May 2019 20:58:09 +0000

Borrowing money from a friend is often easier, safer, and less bureaucratic than asking the bank for money. However, borrowing money from someone can be annoying and annoying if done wrong. So we’ve prepared these 6 steps for you to apply for a loan successfully.

1 – Choosing the right person:

Separate the relationships that give you openness to talk about business, investment and money, and of course, that you know that you can borrow the amount. If that person already has money invested in savings, stocks or other investments is a plus.

2 – Submit the application as an investment:

Repaying the loan with interest is the best way to make the application attractive. Otherwise, it’s like asking for a gift. The average interest that banks charge for a personal loan is 7.05% per month, other lines such as overdraft or the revolving credit card amount to up to 15% per month.

However, if your friend invests in savings, CDI or other common investments, the average earnings is up to 1% per month. Compensating with 2 or 4x the average saving gains is very attractive to the investor, and even then, you would pay less interest than the bank’s interest.

3 – Formalize the loan:

Insist on formalizing the loan with agreed amounts, interest, installments and forms of payment. This will give more security to your friend. Getting with an already formatted proposal and with advantages to the lender is a great way to start a loan application. You can formalize the loan by making a contract with all the agreed data.

4 – Prioritize payment:

One study found that the main reason creditors refused to lend money to a friend was the fear of having to collect payment from them and that would end the friendship or generate friction between relatives. So it is critical that you pay off this debt as if you were paying a bank.

You can propose to pay a fine and interest if you are late. Showing this concern is critical to receiving a yes.

5 – State the reason for the loan :

If you need money, it’s for some specific reason. Showing the specs for this reason can be a way of validating your request. If you have expensive debt, such as overdraft or credit card, show that you want to repay this debt for cheaper debt.

If money is for a new business, show the planning and how well prepared you are to get this business to work. In addition, people do not tend to lend money for consumer items like buying clothes, shoes and other non-essential items.

6 – Prove ability to pay:

Do not take out a loan if you do not know how you will pay or have not done any financial planning. You can show that you have bank limits such as overdraft or credit card. Also, you prefer cheaper debt or you’re waiting to receive a bonus, 13th or other amount that will help equalize your debt. There you can pay the installments without problems.

Remember that your friend is not a bank, he can not do a risk analysis of his profile alone, so take the information that you think is relevant to him.

Bonus Tip:

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Loan to finance working capital Thu, 18 Apr 2019 06:49:53 +0000


The working capital loan is a short-term loan from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of euros, which is intended for companies to increase their turnover. Banks offer such a working capital financing loan to companies that have a positive credit history and who themselves provide at least 20% of their planned spending to generate this increased turnover.

Increase their turnover during holidays

Increase their turnover during holidays

Creditors often offer this credit to small and well-established companies to increase their turnover during holidays or other periods when the company’s output is planned to increase, but with daily income the company is not able to cover this turnover.

A working capital loan is usually used when a company wants to expand its production or the volume of production turnover, but money is not enough to buy the necessary goods or services in the company account.

Taking a competitive loan

Taking a competitive loan

So here’s the credit for working capital is tied to the bank account of the company and can be used as much as needed, as it often happens that planning the amount of goods sold is not exactly possible and therefore taking a competitive loan amount would not be wise but attracting a loan You can use it on your account as much as you need for a credit card.

And after the loan has been used, it can be repaid within 1-3 years, but usually it is done immediately after the goods or services taken on the credit are resold and the money is recovered and additional profits are received, which can be to repay the lender and still pay the loan interest.

If we talk about the interest rate on the loan then it is usually between 5 and 15%, and usually the average rate is around 8%, which means that it is not the most advantageous loan and the fact that the credit will also cost you at least a few hundred Euros, and usually lenders require a minimum of 150 Euro minimum for this credit. And the additional costs are also related to loan restructuring, penalty interest or various letters on late loan payments.

This credit can be beneficial 

This credit can be beneficial 

All of this means that a company wishing to take out a loan to increase its turnover needs at least a 10% return on the goods taken out of the loan, so that the company can balance its balance sheet, as any lower profit will only lead to a negative balance when the loan will be repaid. But if the profit is over 10% of each product, then this credit can be beneficial because it allows you to buy a lot more goods and thus sell a lot more, even though the company itself does not have enough money to buy these goods in time.

But any entrepreneur has to be careful and especially when it comes to loans, because often the place is a collateral or a personal guarantee, which is not as profitable as it sounds, because if the company goes bankrupt then the credit you will have to pay From Your Personal Money!





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