New Games To Analyze

Tune Aliser is back with a bang! We are here and we want to analyze some new games for today. We have been keeping our eyes on these games for a while now. We had been analyzing the trends, player reviews and lots of other things before we decided that these games need be covered in our analysis. Please take a look at both these games that we are going to discuss:

Subway Surfers:

We really like this game because it is a great time pass. A game is a good time pass when you can play this game anytime and anywhere and not get bored. A player’s task in this game is to run, collect coins and avoid hitting any trains. Any impact with a train and the inspector running behind you is going to catch hold of you. Basically Jack is defacing public property by painting and a police person identifies him and thus is running after him to catch him.

Jake is your character in this game and if you don’t help him get away from the police, he will get caught. Please understand that collecting coins is very important in this game because without those coins you can almost never fully upgrade your special items like shoes or magnet. It is not like you have some kind of subway surfers online hack that will fetch you unlimited coins in seconds. So please play hard and win lots of coins.

Hill Climb Racing:

This is a really fun game but an extremely challenging one as well. This is a game where you are supposed to drive your way out of challenging terrain and map. There is no road in these maps, there is either countryside grasslands or deserts or moon or mars terrain. Life is not easy in this game and it is very challenging. You need to select the right vehicle for a right map and also have a fully upgraded vehicle because only then you have a chance at completing a map.

Best map to collect coins is Moon because in that map you can really fly and you get coins to fly. It is not like we have some hill climb racing online hack, so we have to rely on the Moon map to collect coins and then utilize those coins in growing the account, actually say unlocking the account.

Game Analysis

Let us analyse some of the games that you would love to play with your family or friends. Tune Analyzer is a website that has dedicated itself for analysis of these games. You may ask why we analyze games instead of playing it and we tell you that we do it for you. Analyzing games is an interesting job that we have undertaken so that you have a great experience playing games and not waste your time in dumb games.

Pou is a game that we would love to analyze today. Have you ever played a virtual pet game in the past? Or have you ever had a pet in your home before? Most of the pet lovers actually love virtual pet games because they can co relate their lives like the game is real for them. They have in their past taken care of a real pet, so a virtual pet is just like a real pet for them.

But then there are some people who really fail to take care of the pet and their pet may die an unfortunate death. We suggest you play Pou and try to see if you are capable of having a real pet or not. This is a great game, lots of fun and for each activity you get in game currency. With those coins you can purchase lots of items in the game that can be beneficial for your pet. Visit pouhack website if you ever feel that you are out of coins as they can fetch you lots of them in literally seconds.

Clash of Clans is the next game that we are going to analyze. Have you ever played a strategy based war game in the past? Life is tough, I know, but if you ever want to win a strategy game then you must have your own set of strategies to build and win going forward. Winning a strategy game is tough and thus you need to build your thinking abilities, planning abilities. These abilities will help you plan your wall placement, troop placement as well as your offensive strategies. Offensive strategies is a must if you want to score high number of trophies and participate in big clan wars. Try visiting cocfreegems website if you at all want to get your hands on unlimited gems. These websites can grant you lots of gems instantly.

Back With New Games Analysis

Tune Aliser is back with more game analysis for you folks. As you people know our team excels at playing and reviewing new games but then at times we like to go back to the older games to see if they are still doing well. The basic idea of a game is to keep people entertained and thus games which fail to adapt to new situations or fails to fix bugs or issues that people are reporting, the game dies out. So we are going to review some games that are still going damn strong even after 12 months of launch.

Pixel Gun 3D – This is a very nice 3D shooting game that is playable multiplayer as well as Single player. In single player mode, you get to kill the computer zombies that are coming towards you to destroy you. In multiplayer games you get to kill off your multiplayer enemies. In this game, choice of weapon is yours, if you want to kill with a knife, a gun or an automatic weapon or even a bomb. Make your choice, collect enough coins and buy your favourite weapon and then destroy your enemies. If at all you don’t have enough coins and are lazy enough to not play enough to collect them, visit and get your hands on loads of coins instantly.

The next game on our watchlist is a very simple game that is a mere reflection of a real sport, indoor game. Have you ever played Pool on a nice big pool table? Now is your chance to play pool even without a real pool table. You can now play pool online with players from across the world anytime and anywhere. Stop going out and paying lots of money to play pool. Pool is an online game now and it can be played in your smart phone online. There are millions of players in 8 ball pool and they are always online willing to play against some other player worldwide. Playing pool has become very easy now with the growing popularity of smart phones and other places like Facebook. Some of the people have become very good in the game also, thanks to websites like which fetches unlimited coins instantly to your accounts.

Next week we are planning on reviewing a few more interesting games for our subscribers. We suggest you to continue to be on the lookout for these game reviews. Another thing which you should be doing is to try out these games yourself instead of blindly believing in our reviews as only then you will know it for sure.

Love Tunes: How to identify

Today we are going to discuss some of the interesting stuff and we call it identifying love tunes. What do we mean by love tunes? Love as you know is an interesting concept in this world. It is about emotions, feelings, interest and fun. We all want to stay close to someone whom we can trust, we can speak to about our problems or even share happiness around. Love is spending quality time with someone you fancy. Love is even about a happy marriage or a happy relationship. Love is two people but single mind. Two people live together, decide things together and value each others opinions and that is what keeps the bonding of love strong and healthy. Nobody likes to be lonely and everyone needs a company, love is company.

Some of the things about love that we are discussing can be found at several websites online. Just a few hours back we were looking at some of the best ways to communicate with your partners and we found some really cute things to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter. We believe in the idea that was reflected in that article. Saying cute and sweet things to your love partner from time to time can really have a strong effect on your relationship. Love is needy as you know and it needs to be fed attention from time to time. Love cannot survive if time and attention is not fed to it. If you care about saying few cute things to them from time to time, it can act as a feeder for love to remain healthy and happy. So we believe you should say these small things to them from time to time. Just one line is enough to satisfy the hungry love for many days to come.

Spend time with your loved ones – We believe that spending time with your loved ones are equally important than just talking. Talking and sharing things is an important aspect of love and relationship but so is spending time together. Go out for dining with your loved ones from time to time and better than that, go on a holiday regularly. A holiday is perhaps the best way to spend quality time with your loved one. If you are a guy, then don’t forget to click lots of photos of your girlfriend because it is really important for her. Your girl is going to wear new clothes everyday and she would love to have a picture of her in every such dress. Be careful and keep smiling. Love is a good thing, respect it, feed it attention and see how it loves you back.

TuneAliser – Analyze Games

Tune Aliser today is going to analyze a few interesting and famous games that are topping the charts lately. Playing games is important to keep your mind off struggles and stress that studies or work gives. Let us see what these games are:

Criminal Case: It is an interesting android and facebook game where you are working as a detective and you have to find evidence in a criminal act. Your duty is to analyze the crime scenes and find out any evidence there is to build a case against people. This game is fun because it gives you a chance to be that detective that you always wanted to be while watching detective TV Shows.

Monster Legends is another game that is on our radar. We like this game because it involves building strategies and game play. The basic idea of this game is to breed strong monsters and take them on a fight. You can fight enemies in pvp arena and you can also fight computerized enemies in adventure map. The idea behind this game is the kind of strategies you have to build in order to win these small wars and compete in the adventure map. If you want to win this game, then you must have those rare and legendary elemental monsters. You must read this superb breeding guide at

Clash of Clans is also a very interesting strategy game where you build an army of troops and go on war. The basic idea of the game is to build your base, defenses and troops to attack enemies around. An interesting concept of this game is raiding because only raiding can solve the problem that a player faces when upgrading his or her army base. Upgrading defenses to higher levels requires a lot of resources and for that raiding is important. You can raid a lot of inactive players very easily. Other ways to get those resources to improve your army base is making use of gems.

Adventure Capitalist: This is another game that we like and enjoy. This is a business game where you earn money for variety of job and business works and you can upgrade them into something bigger as you earn more. The strategy you get to make here is to properly upgrading businesses to yield maximum earnings out of your investment.

Are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Similar?

Today we had a chance to look at both of the major gaming console leaders after their latest round of software updates and we are amazed at the similarities. Both PS4 and Xbox One are using similar AMD processors and machines that are more developer friendly. Both use cloud computing technology which was important to proceed towards social friendly gaming. Now users are able to play live multiplayer games with other people using streaming and live connect features that is present in both the consoles now. If that was not enough, now connect to your PS4 or Xbox One simply from your smartphone anytime and anywhere. You can easily grab free xbox live gold codes online and connect with your friends instantly.


Since both were similar in terms of make and design and power, the Consoles have now taken up with individual game developers to release their game specially for one console. Both consoles are now promoting few selective games and saying Only on PS4, Only on Xbox One. Now we are terribly disappointed with games being made for a specific console, because if we players own just one of the consoles, we cannot play some games unless we buy both the consoles. Are both these companies purposely making every gamer try and buy both the game consoles to enjoy playing games? A conspiracy to increase sales of both the consoles?

Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty game franchise developed and promoted by Activision came into lime light big time when they released Modern Warfare and Black Ops. The popularity meter just sky rocketed and the company managed to sell millions of copies in just a year’s time. Now the game has become so famous that any new release and it sells a million copy of those instantly. We went and bought Call of Duty Ghosts today and we found it to be a lot of fun. We agree that as Activision develops a new game every year, few games have been a bit down at times but that is not the case with Ghosts game. Pick up your favourite game at Cheap Games Canada | Buy Cheap Steam Games website or at any local store or online today.

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Have You Heard About Limousine Services?

One of the things that is growing in the large cities of United States of America is the Limousine Services. Limo Services are on the rise, thanks to growing traffic and chaos on the roads. A lot of Americans are opting out of buying or using their own cars and instead calling a Limo to travel to a party or an event. These services have become very competitive, thanks to venture capitalists who are funding them and creating huge discounts and heavy competition, the end users are benefiting like crazy. Which average American would not want to sit in an Audi or a Mercedes at the cost of a Toyota? The comfort levels of these luxury brands are at an entirely different level than those cheap entry level cars. Most of these services have started in recent times thus the quality of the car is going to be good. With smooth ride quality and a polite driver, these services are definitely a competition to the existing car market as well.

What would happen to these car makers if a lot of people opt out of buying one? In short it is a good news because we don’t want to clog the city roads with so many vehicles, it not only clogs the roads, increase the commute time but also increase air pollution and create a problem for people. Some Americans are already suffering from diseases like Asthma, we don’t want more cars and pollution to aggravate their problems further. Air pollution is single handedly responsible for asthma and other such air related problems. If you are a New Yorker, then try out one of these car for hire services today. Use the free app service provided by Limo Service NJ.

Five Questions I would like to ask you today:

  1. Why do you want to buy a car, pay for maintenance, cleaning the car regularly, filling gas etc when you can simply take out your phone and book a limo?
  2. Why do you want to take the stress of driving a car in a city that is full of cars when you could simply sit at the back seat and relax?
  3. Why don’t you prefer to sit at the back of a Limousine and do your work, chat on the phone and instead take the pain of driving a car and getting tired?
  4. Why do you want to drive an entry level car instead of sitting in a luxury car like an Audi, Mercedes or a BMW?

Let us take a pledge today, Say NO to buying cars and say YES to hiring a Limo..